Tips On How To Get A Girlfriend

How to get a girlfriendWhile some guys are drawn to the player lifestyle and hooking up with numerous women on a regular basis, other guys would prefer to have a girlfriend. The way I see it, sex is meaningless without forming some sort of connection or bond with the girl. Hence, my personal preference is to be in a relationship. But everyone is different, so what appeals to me may not appeal to you. If getting a girlfriend is something you want though, this article will provide you with five skills you can learn to help you achieve your goal. There are some very simple ways to make a girl think of you as boyfriend material, and also for you to come off as attractive to a girl who’s looking. Interested in getting a girlfriend? Here’s five skills that will help you succeed.

1) Develop Boyfriend Skills

Boyfriend skills are anything that will help you take care of a person, which is exactly what a girl is looking for, someone to take care of her. It’s a form of dominance and also shows the girl that you would make an excellent father figure for her children. That you wouldn’t neglect them. It’s a sign that you care about yourself enough to maintain things, and also shows that you have ambition, which is always an attractive quality.

Keeping yourself in shape, cooking, the ability to brighten someone’s day, back rubs, good fashion sense… These are all examples of things that will help you attract women by adding a large amount of value to you. This doesn’t mean that you don’t have value if you don’t possess these skills, but having them will help a lot! You have to be able to add something to her life… Without doing that, you won’t be able to attract her nearly as easily.

2) Know What You’re Looking For

A lot of guys who are looking for a relationship aren’t even sure what kind of girl they want. Instead of attracting the kind of woman they desire, some guys are so hungry that they don’t really care who they get, just as long as they get someone. A lot of women are the same way, looking to find a relationship with anybody just to fend off the loneliness. It’s much better to make a list and have an idea of what kind of girl you’re looking for than it is to aimlessly get a girl and try to push her up your hill of standards. If you’re interested in getting a girlfriend, having standards makes it much easier to qualify someone.

3) Future Pacing

Future pacing refers to talking to a girl about fun, exciting things you’d like to do with her in the future. Planting these ideas in her head right from the first time you interact with her is the way to do it. While this is considered a more advanced technique in the PUA community, it’s definitely a technique you’ll want to make use of if you’re wanting to get a girlfriend. By suggesting some fun, exciting activities for the two of you to do together, you’re sparking her emotions, and hence, getting her to invest in you. Pretty easy tip for getting a girlfriend, just mention some cool activities that the two of you could do together.

4) Inside Jokes

While they tend to isolate someone in group settings, inside jokes can be used to recall emotional investment when interacting with a girl one on one. The closer you are with a girl, the more inside jokes there should be. Something as simple as a funny pet name or anything that reminds her of the fun times the two of you have had works well here. This is the start of a relationship that reciprocates, which is ideal.

One-sided Relationships that don’t reciprocate are never fun. In these kind of relationships one person is making a big emotional investment, while the other does not invest and eventually leaves the partner mentally broken… Don’t start your relationship off that way! You want to make sure it’s reciprocating.

5) Make Your Dates Interesting

Who would you rather date? Someone who is boring and lacks creativity, or someone who is fun and you can’t wait to see again? You want the fun and creative one, as do women. So make sure you’re taking girls on exciting dates to help boost the emotional investment they put into you. This doesn’t mean you have to spend hundreds of dollars… Use your creativity and come up with some non-super-expensive things to do, and just remember to be fun and interesting.

Also, have the balls to ask her out. You never know unless you try!

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